Lighting Design

Lighting Designs: Lighting Where and When You Want it!

We all depend on lights in and around your home, office, business, store and industrial spaces. Good lighting design takes into account what activities as done in each space and all types of lighting types: fixtures, recessed lighting, task lighting, flood lighting, ambient lighting, and more.

Lighting design needs to include differing lighting levels for each type of activity, and consider windows, glare, and light reflecting off other surfaces.

Exterior landscape lighting designs enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, as well as provide additional security.

PowerGen Electric is experienced in designing interior and exterior lighting systems for homes, businesses, retail spaces, offices, parking lots and more. Call on PowerGen Electric to create great lighting plans that will enhance any place or space!

Our Lighting Design Service Include:

Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Lighting Controls, Lighting Design